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Operation FoxSquad to obtain a working vaccine for all foxes

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Ladies and gentlemen,

  I have been doing research on the efficacy of the rabies vaccination in domesticated silver and red foxes and I haven't found very much on the subject matter. I do know that the imrab3 rabies vaccine has been given to foxes successfully without negative side effects/outcomes at 6 months of age and that the rabies vaccine has been given to domesticated silver and red foxes since the beginning of the program in Russia almost 60 years ago.

There have been studies as well with wild red foxes and one study called "Effectiveness of SAG1 oral vaccine for the long-term protection of red foxes (Vulpes vulpes) against rabies" which had garnered mostly positive outcomes. But the Indiana Department of Natural Resources claims there isn't any proof or evidence to the efficacy of ANY rabies vaccine in Foxes and that if a domesticated pet fox so much as licks someone and they get a complaint the animal must be euthanized; all because of this lack of critical information that should have been documented long ago.

I am petitioning for the studies to be done for this. There is no reason for these animals to be euthanized because a pharmaceutical company with the means to do a study on the subject and provide the proof of the efficacy and hasn't done so in the nearly 60 years in which foxes have been domesticated. I find all of the pharmaceutical companies responsible for the lack of scientific research on this subject. It is completely negligent; but the situation can still be rectified by documenting the proper protocols on the eradication of rabies in domesticated foxes by creating a working vaccine. 


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