SUNY Oneonta RAs should not have roommates.

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As of Fall semester 2018, all resident advisors are required to live with a roommate in quads or suites. This is a decision made in order to better finance the college, but in turn will result in the decrease in quality of life and performance for our residents and resident advisors. Some duties of resident advisors that would interfere with the lifestyles of their resident roommates would include but aren't limited to:

  • On duty late hours to come back from at night
  • Phone calls at all hours of the night when on duty
  • Time, efforts, and chaos in making door tags and bulletin boards
  • Disruptions during the day/night due to residents who need the attention of the RA in the room

This living situation may also rip the resident advisors of a portion of their respect needed to keep their hall running efficiently and safely. Realistically, very few residents will feel comfortable living with a resident advisor and due to a lack of interest in doing so by current residents, many of these residents living with resident advisors will be incoming transfer students. The stress and time consumption of the job will not only be impacting the resident advisors at a more strenuous level due to these restrictions, but will now carry over to the residents living with them. The performance of the resident advisors may decrease dramatically along with the function of their community, and the quality of life for all that reside in it.