Allow Canadians to Purchase off Mercari

Allow Canadians to Purchase off Mercari

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Started by jessica arseneault

mercari” is a popular and well built site. You can buy and sell really anything that is appropriate. 
You can get amazing deals on there, score cool finds, and sell some stuff. 
only the main issue being us Canadians cant buy or sell on there. 

Ebay, Depop, Facebook marketplace are all decent places to buy or sell things but personally all my American friends find the best deals on Mercari. 
allowing Canadians to Even purchase items in the website and pay extra for shipping would be such an awesome feature on its own. 
but to be able to sell our stuff as-while would be helpful and definitely bring in more web traffic. 

another added bonus of Mercari is the amazing customer service and return policy. After one rates an item they cannot request a refund which seems very fair for both parties involved in the transaction. 

i know for one the Squishmallow community would happily purchase off mercari, aswhile as the pop community, the vintage clothing community and many more. 

Many of us Canadians would be so grateful to have atleast the ability to purchase off mercari. Thus also helping the American Sellers get rid of their items faster. 

7 have signed. Let’s get to 10!