NO UNDUK NGADAU KAAMATAN 2020 #noUNon9 #sunduankaamatan2020

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Kaamatan is more than the Unduk Ngadau competition online 2020! In this time of COVID-19 pandemic, we did not stop to celebrate Kaamatan just because we did not have any Unduk Ngadau competition. In the first place, the spirit of Kaamatan is remembering Huminodum who sacrifices herself  for the well-being of her people and this year, in the midst of the pandemic  KDMR is  ready to sacrifice the Unduk Ngadau Competition because we all know that our culture is not defined  by this. 

The money can be contributed to preserve the culture which is slowly dying like what's been done last year to Dusun Gobukan Organisation. Yet with very short notice, this event is just a competition rather than promoting, preserving and collectively celebrating the KDMR values and culture.

All the money to organise this event should be channelled to build and improve the physical infrastructure of the state to ensure that the children across Sabah are able to access to education due to the Movement Control Order (MCO) for they are our future. They are struggling to attend online class for the lack of  internet access in the rural area.

All the money should be channelled to build the socioeconomic condition of women and men across Sabah who are struggling to feed their families everyday due to lost of income during MCO.

Ponosol do pomusarahan om pomogompi piuludan dit notumbayaan toko kasasai kosindak soira orikot tadau do kapanaandakan Kaamatan. Hiti hilo oilaan toko magalai om toririmo monokodung tisuhu do moguung om amu sumunsung ponuhuan mogititimung. Kapanaandakan om kopoonjuran ti Unduk Ngadau kapangangat nogi tongoulun dit amu opusou popogulu raramit tosonong mantad no haro tutungkap dit agayo gatang it tusin nga tolikudan tomod komoyon dot tingolig om totos momutut ti korosian toinsanan.

Sunduan okon no' ko posonsog om potilombus koubasanan dit minog po mogiruruba obi po ko iri sunduan nga atampasi nogi mantad kopusahan om amu sumonsog potilombus iso ka'adaton toi karamaian nung kapanahak tinggorit, kororosi,  koligaganan om patagak pusou di timbabaon kopio.

Apasi om arayou kasasai ti kaamatan sundung amu kotilombus ti Unduk Ngadau daamot dot ih gulu-gulu nga nung lumasu pomogunan ah no sumonsog om ah nogi potilombus kaantakan dit royohon. Gompio toko ti rati kaamatan om sunduan dau dot soira momurimon toko di om pogisosokodungan toko manamong ramai dau amu ih tumagak.

Ahako ti kopusahan amu papaharo ti UNDUK NGADAU toun 2020.