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Astonishing negligence from health service regarding mental health crisis'

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I have been a suvivor of mental health within Northern Ireland but by closest friend was not so fortunate.  She took her life over a year ago and although she tried this on many occassions they released her too early or didn't even admit her when she was at the highest risk possible!  I understand that funding is the issue but how can you put a price on a person's life??? I look around my country and see that there is an abundant amount of cash spent on making our place look pretty, such as the millions of pounds sphere structure at the Royal Victoria Hospital roundabout. How can the allocation of budgets be so corrupt when Northern Ireland currently has the highest suicide rate! 

Whilst being admitted to the different mental health hospitals, mainly Tobernaveen.... The horrific lack of care and ruthless actions that are carried out by so called professionals is extremely disturbing.  Many people leave much worse than when they arrive. I am dismayed that a person, would take up employment in such a sensitive area of high level care, when their only motivation is their salary and not the fact that they truely have a heart for such fragile human beings.  I am definitely not tarring all the care givers with the same brush as there are a few in there which I would call angels but a huge number of staff who work for this establishment are completely heartless. The barbaric treatment from these individuals, athough not as obvious, is no more different than how it was a hundred years ago.... although the torture may not be physical it is certainly emotional.

After hearing of another friend who has been abused by the system and not given treatment or any medication, was just recently discharged from Tobernaveen with the intention to end it all, even though they knew this, they still let her go!  I find myself wondering if this is some sick way for them to decrease the population of our country, meanwhile reducing the cost to the health service?  I believe this is the worst kind of heinous activity going on in our government today (while the big fat cats at the top get all the cream) and know that many have had similar experiences. 

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