Mental Health Support for Artists in the Entertainment Industry

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After what happened with SHINee's Jonghyun, we consider that it's been time, since long ago, to ask for the mental health support the people in this career need, because they are human beings, and mental health issues affect everyone and should not be ignored. With this we want to ask all entertainment agencies to make a plan or program to monitor mental health in their employees not for the company's interests, but for their artists' well-being and a back up for the employees that the program won't be used against them and harm their careers but to help them get back on their feet. 

We also want this mental health support to be extended to all industries, because mental health issues are not just imagination, they are sickness in their brain, that deserve attention just like cancer. This is a serious matter and should be given the importance it has.

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After 2 years, we are forced to resume the petition. This is primarily due to the death of Sulli, a former member of f (x). However, we are concerned about the health of all idols. Despite the concern of fans, the number of suicides among idols is not reduced, as many admit that they are struggling with depression or other mental health problems. The community was excited after the death of Jonghyun from SHINee 2 years ago. Recently, we were waiting for the sad news about actress Jung Mi Sung, singer Sulli. Fear is also caused by the state of many idols, such as Liu Yu Xin, Gu Hara, Minzy, and many others who talk about their condition or fetter it. We want this situation to change, and no other artist would have to go through it. Sign the petition and support us!

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