We Need Donald Trump to have a formal PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION

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Donald Trump's behavior is imminently dangerous to the health and safety of all Americans and to the health and safety of the nation and democratic institutions. He allowed hundreds of thousands to die from Covid-19 because of his actions and inactions. He is relentless in his bid to retain the White House and to discredit the American people's choice of Joe Biden for president. His single-minded attention to his own egotistical needs, his delusional belief in his "right" to be in charge, and his pathological inability to empathize with the American people's needs during the time of a pandemic, loss of jobs, hunger, insecurity, growing homelessness, etc., is what makes him unfit for office for psychological reasons. 

As it becomes more clear that he cannot overturn the results of the election, he will, most likely, become increasingly determined to use any means necessary to create the outcome he psychologically needs. Right now Trump is losing psychological cohesion, losing any ability to reason, and losing his capacity to perform the functions of President of the United States. We are all in danger from what he is threatening to do with the use of physical force. Many Americans are now in fear, and we needn't wait any longer to take a stand on behalf of the safety and security of the American people.

The World Mental Health Coalition supports an IMMEDIATE, INVOLUNTARY IF NECESSARY, PSYCHIATRIC EVALUATION for Donald Trump.  The 25th Amendment to the Constitution, Section 4, provides Congress with the power to choose an "other body" to "transmit to the President pro tempore of the Senate and Speaker of the House of Representatives their written declaration that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office."

Whereas it is up to Congress to choose that "other body," the World Mental Health Coalition has already formed an independent, peer-reviewed panel of national experts, selected on the basis of medical criteria only, that can serve as a consulting body or a temporary “other body” itself.

After the exams are administered, the panel can determine Donald Trump's mental and emotional capacity to carry out the duties of the office of president.  It can also play a role in making recommendations to keep the public safe until which time Congress and the Vice President come to their decisions.  Amendment 25 states that the formal protocol that follows, involves the consent of the sitting Vice President, who would then replace the President and serve for the remaining term.