Change in Saskatchewans mental health system

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In Saskatchewan there are many people struggling with mental illness's who struggle to receive proper treatment and diagnoses's. This is due to the cuts to the health field. We see that we do not have enough psychiatrists for children and adults. People often find themselves on a wait list that is said to be 6 months but they end up waiting a year or more. People who struggle with mental illness's often find themselves waiting in a hectic environment in an emergency room where after 6 hours they are given a prescription and told to go home. We often see people struggling with mental illness's turn to drugs to help them feel at ease. This often leads to crime rates going up. If we had a system that was supportive for people struggling and have a very little wait time then people may feel that they can reach out for help instead of struggling alone. If we also had more beds in detox centres for people who struggle with drug addiction it would help reduce their suffering with mental illness caused by drugs. The Saskatchewan government speaks about a prosperous future but I don't see a future while we have children and adults committing suicide. A prosperous future is great! but what about a prosperous present? This issue speaks to me on a personal level, I have lost 3 of my cousins to suicide within the past 2 years. It is tough seeing the lack of support and treatment for others. That is why I am fighting to see a better health system for all. Not just one person but everyone. If we work together we can fix problems facing the Saskatchewan people. Please sign today if you believe there should be changes made to our mental health system.