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There's been a myriad of news about depression in the young recently.  Which is a valid cause and needs addressing?  But what about people of my age, 51, whose GP looks after my mental health care.  They've got rid of all the Psychiatrists in my hospital, Stratford upon Avon, yet built a brand new facility for mental health for millions probably.  There are 2 psychiatrists for every person in South Warwickshire, which is a massive travesty.  My benefits are being assessed at the moment, and I can't tell them who my Psychiatrist is!!!!  This will help the DWP reject my claims and making me homeless.  The last time I was waiting for therapy, I WAITED 4 YEARS!!!  When I tried to sue, the Ombudsmen upheld this!!!!  I'm in crisis at the moment, not suicidal but contemplating it all the time.  I need help NOW!  Otherwise, if I hit the suicidal button, the Government is responsible for my manslaughter.  I want a law brought in where this is the case.  The Government are tearing the NHS apart and I believe in my children's' lifetime, they will see it go.  They want us to pay hundreds and thousands of pounds we don't have for our medical services, then there will be more manslaughters on their hands - and make no bones about it, it is murder/manslaughter.  I spent 3 weeks in a Priory Hospital, paid for by my mum and dad, and it cost them £5,000 pounds per week!!!  All I can really tell you is you get your own room and bathroom and the food was superb.  That's about it, so that's what it would be like if we end up losing the NHS and having to pay for our own treatment.  I can't pay my bills let alone medical costs. Most people have no idea of the daily PAIN, STRUGGLE AND POINTLESSNESS of getting yourself through a day with a mental illness, which ALWAYS encompasses depression as an addition to the mental illness.  I want this issue campaigned about and discussed within Government.  I might well be dead by the time this happens, in which case, I want it done in my name MARIA LEAHY.  A fair complaints procedure, further scrutiny of the Ombudsman, and more damn help in every other area!!!!  Not just for sectioned out members of the public.  I've seen my son through a breakdown, old people, young people, and EVERYONE in between needs help now!!!!  I have found going through the endless correct, inconsistent, inefficient channels do not work.  Hence me having to wait 4 years for therapy and the Ombudsman thinking this was okay.  Once I have heard from you and your intentions in this matter, depending on what the answer is, I intend to take this story to the papers, the tv and anyone else who will listen!

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