Mental Health Education To Be Taught in Grade Schools

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In order for children to live up to their full potential, they need to maintain a positive mental health. According to Caring for, one out of every five children and youth has a diagnosable mental health condition in Canada. It is important for children to know and understand the signs of these conditions. These conditions thankfully are treatable, but the problem is that not enough children get help soon enough. Not getting early treatment can result in poor school performance, mood changes, change in behaviour, etc. In order for children to children to get treatment, it is important for children to known where to go to help when they need it. Adding mental health education to the Health and Physical Education to the Ontario Curriculum for grades one through eight is a great and necessary start to helping children before it is too late. If you believe educating young students on how to notice the signs of mental health, get the help they need, and adding all of this information to be taught in schools, please sign this petition. Be the change.