Justice for the mentally unwell In mental health units

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The mental health system needs to change we need to train the health care assistants and nurses other strategies than just hands on. to anyone that is in hospital now i truly do feel sorry for you and my prayers are with you. For 6 months I was in hospital oak ward acute Bolton hospital 4 months 2 weeks cheadle picu priory bolton picu 2 months. For the 6 months I was in hospital I got restrained around 30 times, injected at least 20 times and sedated. Some of the staff like to be hands on. at one time I was very distressed and I was kicking a door because the ward manager stopped my leave for smoking cannabis the next thing I have 2 people pulling my arms forcing me to my room because the 2 staff members couldn't get me to my room they then kicked me from under my feet and put me on the floor I then had another 3 people come 2 on my arms 2 on my legs and one holding my head restraining me pinning me down, I had a thick jacket on overheating it took at least what felt like forever but ten minutes for them to get the injections to sedate me I wasn't being violent or aggressive I was just screaming for them to get off me after this I then threw up all over my room because of how distressed i was. Another time bank/agency staff nurse was on shift she didn't know the ward or any of us patients she let me in to the meds room where I stole her ID badge to get off the ward I did manage to get off the ward and 2 staff members found me at the shop near the hospital they then rang security 3 big men to come force me in to their car and take me back to the hospital once I got back to the hospital they took me in to my room where I was very distressed they then left the room and locked me in by holding the handle up so I couldn't get out the security and the 2 staff members were laughing outside my room I then started kicking the door and chucking a chair at the door and screaming to let me out all they did was carry on laughing, eventually after ten minutes of me screaming and struggling to get out my room they said if I sat on the bed calmly they would come in and speak to me, so I did as I was told and sat on my bed next thing the 3 big security men came in pinned me down on the bed whilst the nurse pulled my pants down and injected me to sedate me at this time I wasn't being aggressive or violent I was calmly sat on my bed. This case actually got reported as they are not allowed to lock you in your rooms as it's against the law. These are just 2 out of many restraints that where done wrongly, 2 situations that could of been dealt with differently 2 different times where staff could of talked to me and helped me instead of putting hands on and putting me threw distress. I am now gonna be setting up a petition on change.org for the mental health system to be changed for staff to be taught alternative strategy's instead of putting hands on first, people that are suffering in these places need help and support to get things changed it is not fair, these people just need talking to and someone to be there for them not pinning down like an animal and injected. Please help these poorly people that are suffering in these places let's get them the help and care they deserve!!