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Mental Health Background Checks For Caregivers

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                      Caregiving Abuse is Domestic Violence

Social problems arise when leadership becomes complacent. Department of Aging in Pennsylvania FAILED ME WHEN I CALLED AND INFORMED them that my mother’s mental health was deteriorating.  My mother was suffering from psychosis and she was a caregiver. At the time, I was living in New Jersey and working at the Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst Family Advocacy Program. I worked as a government contractor investigating background checks on individuals who were applying for employment and volunteer positions with children.
The Susquehanna Township Police Department was called numerous times by my mother and when I asked them if they reported her to Department of Aging they did not respond to me.
I EMAILED KEYSTONE ONLINE to report my mother’s behavior to see if they could separate my sister and mother because they both suffered from psychosis they did not respond to my email.
The only help I received was when I physically went to my mother’s house on 13 Feb 2010. My father had to call 911 for an ambulance to get my mother the help she needed.  My mom was out of it and I knew something was wrong and we called the police because she refused to get help. When she got to the Emergency Room she broke down and said she was hearing voices and did not sleep for two days.

The emergency room crisis nurse said that they would call us in the morning. In the morning, no one called us, so I called them and found out mom was transported to Lancaster Regional Hospital. My mom was committed for two weeks and no one told me anything in regards to her medical status. However, I read her medical paper work and it stated that she had psychosis. I told them my mother was a caregiver for my oldest sister Sebrina. No response

My name is April Webb and my mother Betty Lou Gilbert-Scott was charged with Guilty but Mentally ill of First Degree Murder. My mother cared for my sister Sebrina who suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury. Sebrina was assaulted by a teenage bully in 1995 when she was 21 years old. The bully had no compassion for people with special needs.  However, he worked at the same nursing home with my sister. My sister was a dietary aide at the time and loved working with the seniors.  However, it was a resident that found my sister in a pool of blood after being struck in the head by a workplace bully.

How funny life can be when it was the bully that struck you in the head but your mother shot you dead? The bully serves no time and your mom gets a life time. Our mother is currently serving a life sentence in Muncy Prison. 


Updated September 11, 2012:

Our mother was a caregiver all her life.  After her own mother’s death, my mother dropped out of school to help her father and siblings.  My mother received her diploma by attending night school after she married my father.  My father at the time suffered from Traumatic Brain Injury from a horrific car accident he had in 1965. My mother cared for my father her entire marriage without letting none of her children know about the horrific injuries he sustained in the car accident.  My two sisters and I just thought dad talked and acted different from other parents. We did not know that this behavior he had was brought on by a car accident.  I did not find out about this accident until my mother decided that she would take Sebrina’s life and her own life because she was fed up with life.  My mom had a lot put on her shoulders.  Mom had to take care of our family and her father who passed away in 1987. 

Now mom has dementia and numerous health problems but she will be recieving care from Muncy Prison for the rest of her life.  After mom shot Sebrina she turned the gun on herself.  The self-inflicted gunshot wound to the chest will always be a reminder to her that only God decides when it is time for us to go.  Mom survived the gunshot wound but is paralyzed from the chest down.   Mom is confined to a room at the Muncy infirmary.  The infirmary has a cornerstone that is dated 1949.  How funny the building was built the same year she was born?  Therefore, I believe that each person has a destiny and her destiny is to die in a bed the same way Sebrina died.

For the first time in my mother’s life someone is taking care of her.

Nobody cares but everyone stares....
Everyday innocent people go to work, school, or even home but something so tragic can happen to the point where you need a lifetime of care. Pennsylvania needs to get on the ball and start performing criminal background checks, mental health exams, and make people get a license to provide care in their homes.

So far all I see is the, “Blind leading the Blind."

As a military wife, family advocate, veteran, and mom to three boys I did the best that I could do. I am one person on a mission to help those who need proper care. So I am advocating for a law that could enhance the life of others by providing them with competent CARE.
My story is a sad story---I waited out my husband’s deployments to move close to home to be with my mom and sister but I was too late.

Thanks Pennsylvania  

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