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Mental Health Assistance for Dawn Gordon

Untreated mental illnesses are among the most disabling of all health problems, worldwide, in terms of lost potential and productivity according to the World Health Organization. Left untreated, mental disorders can pose serious harm to the general public and to those within close contact with the individual. Such illness(es) also pose the heightened peril of death, from self injury and/or suicide, to the person or persons exhibiting classic signs of mental illness(es). Behaviors from these potential infirmities should never be taken without the proper degree of seriousness; proper assistance should be managed by a licensed health provider, however medical help needs to be acquired first and foremost. Numerous explanations exist as to why treatment is not acquired, such as the primary lack of understanding of the illness itself and the dangers posed from a worsening condition. It is human nature to fear that in which we do not understand. Mental disorders too often deprive individuals of an appropriate judgment so that it becomes necessary for the community to intercede for the safety of the individual at risk as well as the safety to the community. As a widespread virtual community we should never ignore mental illness, instead we must ban together to assist those in need to the proper health and behavior services – getting these individuals the help they need.

Diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic, according to verified past associations (living and deceased) and distant family members, Dawn Gordon has spent copious amounts of time on web based platforms allowing for social interaction. Largely due to the absence of close friends and family members, Ms. Gordon has in a sense adopted individuals online, due to the basic needs for human interaction. This evident by the time dedicated to focusing specifically on a handful of online community members with whom she shares intimate details of her daily life. Ms. Dawn Gordon’s un-medicated and non supervised prolonged battle with a host of mental illnesses, including but not limited to paranoid schizophrenia, has hastily declined and is now bordering on dangerous levels in which self injury and potential suicide is highly possible. Technology has provided the allowance for mental disassociation from reality into the vast escape of virtual reality equating severe dangers; such as to a labyrinth of fictional tales (such as being a prophet of God), lies, threats, malice, physical acts of virtual violence against families and employers, extended harassment, and around-the-clock stalking. A large number of victims have come forward to report Ms. Gordon’s negative life-consuming belligerence and her projected malice onto them. These reports include a severe decline in Ms. Gordon’s ability to care for herself due to mental illness. A pending police investigation into the recorded stalking and harassment of several people has been filed in two jurisdictions. Proper documentation has been sent to involved authorities to convey the harshness of such claims. Other police departments can and will be contacted due to many filed reports from individuals within the three years aforementioned. Dawn Gordon’s internet privileges are bordering on being suspended and/or terminated as a proper legal action through the courts. No other actions but those actions of police involvement could be made to cease the vile behaviors exhibited.

This petition has been created by the victims of harassment and stalking through the World Wide Web for the compliance of the Brampton Ontario courts, Canadian Mental Health Association, Centre for Mental Health, Health Ministry of Ontario, and/or physicians in compliance with the Ontario Mental Health Act [Bill 68] for assistance mandating proper and prolonged mental health assistance to Ms. Dawn Gordon. We are in agreement that not only a court ordered correction to the problem is in order but also a behavioral correction is direly necessary in this case through professional treatment. Behavior correction of Ms. Gordon’s mental illness(es) would not only keep the virtual and non-virtual community safe from antics of this individual but would keep this women from inflicting serious or mortal injury to herself. Dawn Gordon is at extreme risk without proper medication and proper supervision, this petition to the courts and various mental health agencies is to request she be housed in a proper facility until deemed stable to enter back into a community environment, if that should happen. We, petitioners, believe this women is deserving of a chance at health and wellness and while we can easily forgive her of the harassment projected upon us we cannot walk away without asking for the proper supervision in this declining time of need.

Signed 2011 Petitioners


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