To keep Janet doyle at menotomy manor

To keep Janet doyle at menotomy manor

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Monday, the executive council learned that the new executive Director of the Housing Authority, Jack Nagle would be transferring our property manager, Janet Doyle to a different Arlington Housing Authority Property and that she will no longer be at Menotomy Manor as of Monday February 7, 2022.

Many of you may or may not know that Janet has been the property manager here at MM for 28 years. Years ago when she started here, OUR home was not a place that anyone would have wanted to write home about or be very proud of nor was it a very safe place to raise a family. Janet vowed to make it her mission to bring a strong sense of community to Menotomy Manor, making it a safer place where families could thrive and succeed.  Janet has done that and so much more for us and those that were here before us during her 28 years.

Whether you love her, like her or feel otherwise there is not one individual that resides at MM past or present that she has not helped, positively impacted or supported at one time or another. Janet is dedicated to all of us and our home. She is proud to represent us and support us and Menotomy Manor. Janet is our cheerleader who celebrates our successes with us and the successes of our children. Not only does Janet celebrate our successes but she is there to support us along the way.  When we face adversity, experience loss, or are in need of support Janet offers us a shoulder to lean on. 

Janet knows each and every one of the residents personally and we are always greeted with a warm smile and a big hello when we see her. She is not only our Property Manager, she is part of us and our families. The children of MM adore Janet and Janet adores the children.  After school you will often find children stopping in to give her a hug, just say hello or to see if they can help deliver memos with her. Janet joined forces with other Arlington residents to ensure that our children are able to have gifts for the holida
ys. Every year the children of MM look forward to the holiday decorations and the Christmas party that she throws for them. 

Janet is always accessible to us. Whether on vacation with her family or out sick, day or night if someone is in need she responds.

Janet is not just a Property Manager who collects rents. This is and has been her home away from home for 28 years. The services she provides to our residents are immeasurable. She provides a better life for all tenants. She is our fearless leader and the heart and soul of Menotomy Manor.

After 28 years of unwavering dedication she is being transferred within a weeks time for reasons that are not being disclosed and against her wishes and ours, her residents. How after 28 years of service and no demerits on her record,  she being completely disregarded and everything she has done forgotten?
The only answers we have for you is that it is in the best interest of the Housing Authority and that the decision was made after careful consideration according to the new Executive Director, Mr. Jack Nagle.  We asked for a meeting to express our concerns on this major change and we're told no that property managment changes should not impact tenant concerns. It is with overwhelming sadness that this is being written for so many reasons, including how unfortunate it is that no one is concerned with the impact this sudden change will have on the tenants or what is in the best interest for the over 500 residents and their lives, almost half being children that Janet has been managing, helping and impacting for 28 years with very little support from the Housing Authority.  Everyone of us are aware that Janet would have been retiring sometime in the near future. The gravity of losing her would be equivalent regardless, but we would have had adequate time to transition into whatever new beginning was ahead 
and after 28 years she should be given the respect and regard to decide when she is ready to leave her residents and legacy.

MMTA, Executive Council

Jen Hernandez, President
Marta Cayarga, Vice President
Lisa Hersey, Secretary

30 have signed. Let’s get to 50!