Save Yokayo bowling Center

Save Yokayo bowling Center

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� � Is Ukiah About To lose Another Treasure?!?! � �

Monday, October 8th, 2018.
Open Letter to League Bowlers, from Mike Schutz – Owner of, Yokayo Bowling Center, Ukiah, CA

May I have all of your attention…

I need to make a very important announcement. The present lease for this building and land ends December 31, 2018.

February of this year a new lease was presented to me to look over and return to the owner, Erickson Brothers Properties. I returned the lease back in April. I did not hear anything until July where I was informed by Erickson Brothers Properties, that someone else gave a higher lease option for the property. After talking with Erickson Brothers Properties they stated that they were more interested in selling than leasing the property. So, I spoke with the Erickson Brothers Properties real estate agent from Coldwell Banker, John Lazaro and asked him what he thought a fair price would be for the property. He gave me a number and I said fine I will make that offer.

Two weeks went by and I received a voicemail from John Lazaro stating that the Erickson Brothers and the other interested party are getting closer to sign. I decided then to retain my own real estate agent Todd Schapmire and he sent the original offer to John Lazaro.

Another two weeks had gone by and John Lazaro informs my agent that the offer would not work but this offer will. I agreed to the new offer and as of last week, John Lazaro informed my agent that the Erickson Brothers Family are not responding to my offer and John Lazaro feels it’s because the lease amount from the interested party is too good.

Bowling has existed for 60 years in this building. I took the business over 10 years ago and poured my heart and soul into this business. I am proud to say it has exceeded my expectations. I am also proud of my staff who continue to strive to provide excellent service for our customers.

The Yokayo Bowling Center has been a major player for community events. Special Olympics is just one of our favorite events each year where the bowlers are able to bowl with the pros.

I believe that the Erickson Brothers Properties and Coldwell Banker have not looked at the bigger picture of just how much it will affect Ukiah and the surrounding Lake and Mendocino County communities.

I will continue to be vigilant and fight for The Yokayo Bowling Center but realistically speaking we are running out of time. If the Erickson Brothers Properties does not accept my offer I will have no choice but to close my doors on the first week of December and bowling in our community will cease to exist.

Whether you "bowl" or not, Yokayo Bowl in Ukiah is used for so many different events & purposes in Ukiah, that if we lose Yokayo Bowling Center, there will be a HUGE HOLE LEFT IN UKIAH, CA... Without a doubt! �

Yokayo Bowling Bowling Center in Ukiah is a time treasured "Family Event Center" that we can't afford to lose!

In the ten years that Mike Schutz has owned it, he has beautifully remodeled it into a family event center showplace. Heck... In my opinion... It has the nicest restrooms in town!

Soon... I will be asking for signatures on a petition to save the Yokayo Bowling Center in Ukiah, CA. Mike Schutz is 100% willing and able to buy the property & building at either of the two offers he has been presented by John Lazaro @ Coldwell Banker Realty of Ukiah, CA.

Some people say there is never anything to do in Ukiah... Well, thanks to Erickson Brothers Properties & John Lazaro @ Coldwell Banker, there might just be a whole heck of a lot less to do in Ukiah! ! !

I have never felt so strongly about anything in Ukiah in my lifetime. Please... We Need Your Help.

0 have signed. Let’s get to 7,500!
At 7,500 signatures, this petition is more likely to get a reaction from the decision maker!