Zoo should not be a thing

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We have been taught since childhood about zoos. Once in lifetime most of us been to zoo, also most of us have seen movies like Madagascar or seen an upcoming movie trailer The One and Only Ivan.

We all know this movies told us every time, animal want to escape the zoo but we all ignore the fact since it was bitter truth.

Ask yourself is it fair for an animal to be in a zoo than their natural habitat?

Every year many animals are being brought to zoo and being separated from their families and many of them die when they are not able adapt zoo culture.

If we have National Parks, Reserves and Sanctuary then why do we need zoos?

Is it fair for animals to be prisoned for life?

Could you live with lifetime imprisonment?

Animals have families, also animals have equal constitutional rights as humans, then why humans want to represent themselves as superior!

We have Rescue centres for animal care and that’s all we need!

I need your help to make our country prison free for animals i.e. say no to zoo.