Suspend 4 Team USA Men's Roller Derby members.

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On April 8th, 2018 at the Men's Roller Derby World Cup in Barcelona, Spain, Team USA grabbed their 3rd World Cup Championship. Three of the Team USA skaters and one coach took to the track donning the number 23, written in marker on their legs during that championship bout. Displaying the number of a teammate who has passed, been injured, and or under other circumstance could not skate in a bout is commonplace in derby, but in this case it was in honor of former Team USA skater Maurice "Quadzilla" Sanders, who voluntarily resigned from the team following multiple sexual assault accusations, clearly showing a history of misconduct. Displaying his number on their bodies shows that they care most about his and their own feelings. This act completely undermines the safety and bravery of the people who came forward and all survivors of sexual assault. Sanding in solidarity with abusers is never okay and is a representation of the toxicity surrounding men's roller derby. At this point, Team USA sponsors Bont and Reidell have released statements condemning Team USA and pulled their sponsorships, all the while the Men's Roller Derby World Cup remains silent. This is a petition to the Men's Roller Derby World Cup calling for immediate suspension from the 2020 MRDWC and medal stripping of Team USA skaters Stephen Carter (Rollomite), Tony Muse (Peter Pan), Jeremy , and Strecker (Streak), Coach Stephanie Gentz.

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