Sinks in Sittner

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Wils Haffner
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Renovations on Sittner Hall are scheduled to start in the summer of 2020. This renovation should make Sittner Hall a much better place to live. The rooms and halls will look new and refreshed. Unfortunately, not all of the changes to Sittner Hall will be good. In an effort to save money on utilities and repair costs, the building committee in charge of the remodel has chosen to remove the sinks in the rooms. Yes, that sink that you use every day! Instead of having a sink in every room, the halls will have community sinks for the residents to use. This might not sound so bad until you think about all the things you use your sink for (brushing your teeth, making coffee, washing dishes, shaving, getting a drink of water, washing your hands, making ice, pouring out your coffee because you made too much, etc.). After the remodel, you will have to make a trip down the hall to use a sink that has likely been used by others who might have not been so considerate. Not only is the removal of sinks a daily inconvenience, it’s a nightmare when looked at from the perspective of infectious disease. Right now there are probably only 2 people that use your sink. If you have a good roommate, you can count on it being clean and relatively germ free. Now that you are using community sinks, you don’t know how many people have used that sink or if the people who used it were sick. If you are using a sink that 10 other people have used before you, the chances of you getting sick are much greater, especially if someone in the dorm is sick with the flu or has a cold. Getting sick can be a major inconvenience to college life. Classes are not easy to make up and our schedules are anything but forgiving. We should be taking steps to reduce our exposure to infectious disease but instead we are doing the opposite. You can help this change to never happen! By signing this petition, you are letting the building committee know that you are not okay with these changes that reduce the quality of our living environment.