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What Is Better Beard Club?
Men often neglect their beards and facial hair when it comes to grooming. This causes a lot of beard problems such as itchiness, graying, thinning of beards and beard dandruff.

Better Beard Club is beard growth formula that consists of a 100% natural formulation. This facial hair growth formula helps in growing a thicker, healthier and manlier beard.

Better Beard Club comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee which ensures that you derive the maximum benefits when it comes to the quality, health and luster of your beard.

Beard Boost is an easy, once a day, supplement that addresses multiple problem areas. It can boost or fill in a new beard, hydrate and nourish uncontrollable facial hair, or add a few inches to a seasoned beard that may have previously reached terminal length.

Better Beard Club Free trial 

Benefits Of Better Beard Club

  • Grow A Thicker Beard: Get help growing a thicker, fuller beard in an easy manner.
  • Reduce Itchiness: Eliminate an itchy beard and maintain clean facial hair.
  • Decrease Beard Graying: Reduce the graying of beard and sport a youthful, masculine look.
  • Strengthen Beard Hair: Improve and strengthen the roots of your beard hair.
  • Improve Beard Shine: Better Beard Club helps get a shinier, more lustrous beard.
  • Made In USA: Proudly manufactured in the USA at a manufacturing facility under stringent industrial supervision.

The team from Better Beard Club has worked tirelessly to end the era of clean shaven men. We have formulated a custom blend of all-natural vitamins and minerals to promote skin health, nourish beard follicles, and ultimately increase facial hair growth.

Beard Hair vs. Other Body Hair
Before puberty, most of the hair on a man’s body is known as vellus hair, which is soft and straight. On the scalp is another type of hair, known as terminal, which is longer, thicker, and darker than other hair on the body.

After puberty, however, most of a man’s body hair (with the exception of the head) turns into something called androgenic hair, which is thick, curly, and wiry. It looks and feels so much different than scalp hair because these follicles twist as a result of being exposed to testosterone.

Pro tip: The thickness and overall coverage of a man’s beard has a lot to do with the amount of testosterone in his body, which can’t be changed a whole lot using oils, waxes, and so forth.

However, you can make sure your body has all the essential nutrients it needs to maximize results within your genetic limits, including vitamin B5, C, and E; biotin, inositol, niacin, and more.

Because of their different texture and place on the body, beard hair typically requires different care than head hair. For example, because facial skin is more sensitive than scalp skin, a shampoo that works great for cleansing head hair could be overly drying for the face.

Because of its wiry, unruly texture, beard hair also typically requires more conditioning than does scalp hair, as well as specialty tools, like beard brushes and combs.

Given this, how does Dollar Beard Club claim to help? Let’s take an in-depth look at their lineup.

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