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Petitioning Memphis Animal Shelter Advisory Board Stephen Tower and 2 others

Memphis Animal Services, DO NOT euthanize pit bulls w/out putting them up for adoption, Spay/Neuter & work w/rescues to SAVE them


Memphis Animal Services is under the public eye once again after a secret recording dating back to November, was released. On the recording, a high-ranking female city official is clearly heard saying this, “I want you to euthanize every pit bull or dog that looks like a pit bull, whose time is up.”

MAS is looking to eradicate an entire breed just because they look like pitbulls. Just in November 2011 alone, 270 pitbulls were killed. Shelter Advisory Board member Stephen Tower admits that the shelter is killing almost all pitbulls coming in. "We are profiiling them for not a better word, we are not putting a lot of pitbulls, if at all, up for individual adoptions" he said.

One solution: MAS needs to use temperment tests for pitbulls and try to put as many pitbulls up for adoption. Working with rescue groups will not only SAVE these animals but it would also reduce the kill rate in the shelter. The annual report for MAS says approx. 50 dogs are PTS every day, Tues - Sat. Which is a mass killing of a specific breed without giving them a chance at adoption or rescues' help.

Another solution to reduce the amount of animals coming into the shelter consists of Spaying/Neutering. Memphis Mayor Wharton, Governor Haslam, Administrator of MAS James Rogers, and Memphis Animal Advisory Board need to realize that Spaying/Neutering is more cost effective than animals (mostly pit bulls, pit bull mixes) entering the shelter system and eventual euthanasia.

Programs for residents to spay/neuter their pets would “eliminate shelter killings and makes pets easier to manage, less aggressive and healthier,” according to Andrew N. Rowan, President and CEO of Humane Society International and chief scientific officer for the Humane Society of the United States.

Sources: Youtube~Hand4Paws

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