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People with mental illness and mental disabilities are not able to advocate for themselves. Please help me to end the archaic practice of restraining patients for staff convienience.

Letter to
Memorial Health System, Colorado Springs, CO
Stop using restraints as a compliance technique.

Stop using restraints to prevent falls. An escort should be placed in the patients room as an alternative.

Do not use restraints as an alternative to adequate staffing.

Review medical records to determine if the use of restraints increases during certain shifts.

Train staff members in de-escalation techniques and other ways to prevent the use of restraints.

Only use restraints when they are absolutely necessary to prevent the patient from self-harming or harming others.

Restraints should be removed immediately after the person is no longer posing a threat

Allow patients to be covered while they are in restraints in order to protect patient modesty.

Allow patients to have water orally when they are in restraints.

Allow patients to seek legal help when they are given medical treatments against their will.

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