Memorandum for the two-Child Policy, UCC, Article-370, Kashmiri Pandits, and more.

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[This memorandum will be delivered to the Government of India through embassies across the world and through emails to all MPs and various government agencies.]

April 10, 2018

Dear Prime Minister Narendra Modi,


We, the undersigned people, submit this memorandum to you as the head of the Government of India to emphasize the need of several constitutional The constitutional amendments are absolutely necessary to keep prosperous and “akhand” Bharat.amendments.


This has been a long-awaited issue. It is time sensitive and must be controlled before it goes out of control. We are in support of the BJP’s population control bill that was privately moved in the parliament in December of 2017.  We are also in support of Sudarshan channel’s demand “Hum Do, Hamare Do, Sabke Do”.

Population has crossed the optimum limit in India and has become a liability. Based on several studies, India is forecast to become the world’s most populous country with nearly 1.66 billion people by 2050. These numbers are scary and alarming. If it is left untouched then the consequences are grave. Population explosion can have severe impacts. 

Ø  Today, India is stretched to her limit due to overpopulation. It leads to poverty, unemployment, poor health care, lack of social security, low standard of living, and bad living conditions.

Ø  Unemployment and poverty lead to frustration and anger among the educated youth. That leads to robbery, beggary, prostitution, and murder etc.

Ø  A shortage of drinking water, food, inadequate sewage treatment, rapid depletion of natural resources, extinction of many plant and animal species, deforestation, and loss of eco-systems are some of the results of over-population.

Ø  Most Indian cities are badly polluted and have little fresh air. This leads to countless airborne diseases and skin infections.

Ø  Overcrowding, traffic congestion, frequent accidents and pollution in big cities are the direct result of over-population.

Ø  More Pressure on Land: Rising rate of population growth exerts pressure on land. The problem of sub-division and fragmentation of holdings goes on increasing.

Ø  Overpopulation leads to a corruption, high illiteracy rate, brain-drain, bigger gap between rich and poor, high crime rate, high rape rate, and ethnic cleansing. 

Ø  The high birth rate reduces the health and welfare of women. Frequent pregnancy without having a gap is hazardous to the health of the mother and the child.

Ø  Population explosion gives rise to a number of social problems. It leads to migration of people from rural areas to the urban areas causing the growth of slum areas.

Ø  Overpopulation could potentially lead to Civil war between different groups.

Ø  This is something we hate to bring up in a secular country like India, but well, it’s a harsh reality and cannot be ignored. Worth to consider. Several communities in India deliberately promote more children in order to gain political advantages. It must be stopped before it gets worse.

Demographic imbalance is harmful to India because it creates political and social instabilities. Kashmir, West Bengal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and some other parts of the world are perfect examples to understand this historical phenomenon. India cannot afford to have more Kashmirs where hundreds of thousands of people are living in the filthy shelters for decades.

In short, Overpopulation and demographical imbalances are epicenter of all other problems in India! Strict law should be enacted to control population. It should be implemented across all states, all groups of people, and across all religions. The families participating and abiding the rule should be suitably awarded and violators should be severely punished. The voting rights should be taken away from the violating parents and their children.

Until the 2-child policy is enforced, the other communities (like Hindus) should also promote more children in order to maintain the demographic balance!


It is only the UCC that is in consonance with our constitution and its spirit. One law for all is indispensable in a modern secular democratic nation state for ensuring and upholding natural justice and human rights. It is only UCC that can guarantee equality to all, irrespective of caste, religion or sex. Laws driven by religious theologies are the root causes of social injustices, social unfairness, and social discrimination. One nation should be under one law.


Again, India being a secular country should be under one law. Kashmir is an integral part of India and should be under the Indian constitution.


More than 400,000 Kashmiri Hindu Pandits have been thrown out of their homes and have been suffering in filthy shelters for the past 28 years! It is shameful, it is against humanity, it is against human rights, it is against the Indian constitution; hence, they should be resettled asap. Illegal Rohingya Muslims who are citizen of Myanmar are being settled in Jammu and Kashmir! It must be stopped!


School textbooks are full of the Moguls and other minority religions, but not the Hinduism! Hinduism is discriminated in the textbooks! It is shocking! It is shameful. Textbooks must be re-written asap.Click this link for more details.


Identify and close theological schools and places of worship which spread hatred and violence.


India being a secular country should not control only the Hindu temples. It is discriminatory! It is unfair with the majority Hindus! Laws should be equal for all religions! Either control all or control none!


It could very well hurt the demographic imbalances, which is ultimately harmful to India’s unity and religious harmony.

It is therefore time that the Government of India stand up clearly on the above issues to keep prosperous and “akhand” Bharat.

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