Stop Explicit and Extreme Sex Ed In our Schools for as young as 5.

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This Education Bill 2018 aims to remove all Gender Norms and will no longer support the use of  : Boy Girl Male or Female . Gender norms will no longer be accepted . This will be taught to children as young as 5years of age.

Over Sexualisation of children . Genitalia will be made explicit to children as young as 5/6year olds.

Sexual preferences and Gender preferences will be taught to as young as 9-11 year olds .

'Abortion ' is highlighted under the  classification of contraceptive methods.

This Bill legislates to remove all Parental rights  to protect their children from age inappropriate and explicit sex Ed material. Parental consent will no longer be valid as the Bill outlines this to be the sole right of the child to recieve this information , this implies that schools and parents must conform.

This Bill legislates to remove any Rights of a School based on a particular ethos or religious belief . In this Bill the ethos of a school has been defined as a 'characteristic spirit ' . This denies parents a fundamental right to educate their children with these freedoms in mind wheather a Public or Private school. This also removes any right also to conscientiously object ,as a particular spirit Ethos or religious belief system will no longer be accepted or valued.

These years from 5 until puberty also known as the 'years of innocence ' is a period of tranquility which must never be disturbed by unnecessary information about sexual development. The rudimentary instinctive sexuality of very small children has disappeared for boys and girls of this age and they are not interested in sexual difference. Therefore attempts to impose premature sex information on children at this stage when they are not capable of integrating premature sexual information with moral responsibility or cannot control sexual imagery within the proper context of moral principles is completely negligent . Such premature information is very damaging to their emotional development.

The Fundamental duty of parents to educate is essential , since it is connected with the transmission of human life and gives an account of the uniqueness of the loving relationship between parents and children.  This relationship is irreplaceable and inalienable and therefore incapable of being entirely delegated.This is also claimed by the Charter Of Rights of the Family.

We the parents are fighting for the right to choose what's best for our children . This is a private members Bill  which leaves all the parents and teachers of Ireland enslaved to the damaging affects of this for our children and our children's children . This affects a society , as it begins to remove ethical reasoning and morality from language. Morality becomes a matter of opinion and not the difference between right and wrong. The right to do whatever you want in time becomes limitless and society begins to normalise it , any behaviour is acceptable. Please assist us in petitioning  our politicians  to ammend this Bill . We cannot expose our children to this explicit and devisive Sex Ed material in our schools.