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Fix Winnipeg's Roads

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WHEREAS Winnipeg is now experiencing an unprecedented ‘soft’ market in its roads repair / reconstruction works, leading to competitive pricing on road tenders in 2016, with tenders coming in millions of dollars under budget;

AND WHEREAS it is recognized that leading factors in the good market is the combined effect of new firms arriving in the market, late provincial road tendering, and a slower private residential street construction activity, and is therefore a limited window of opportunity for the City;

AND WHEREAS a total of $60.46 million is budgeted in 2017 for the Local Street Renewal Program;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT the Public Service issue an additional $30 million of work for Residential Street (Local Street) Renewals immediately, amending the 2016 Capital Budget and any internal financing up to and including the limit of the same $30 million, if required, and that funding sources be determined by the Public Service, from a combination of the savings in bids in the 2016 tendered roads works, and/ or on a first call on a portion of the 2017 Local Street Renewal Program;

AND BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT the Proper Officers of the City be authorized to do all things necessary to implement the intent of the foregoing.

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