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Healthcare for All Americans - CARE not Insurance NATIONAL IMPROVED MEDICARE FOR ALL-NIMA

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We all have bodies.  We all need health care at some point in life.  

We need for our Congress and our President to make changes to our health care system that make health care available to everyone at the point of need without the approval of insurance companies.  Americans should not risk their health, their lives, and their bank accounts to remain healthy and alive.

Roughly 123 Americans die every day because they cannot access our health care system.

Improved Medicare for all is the only health reform option that will cover everyone and control rising health spending - including skyrocketing drug prices - making the Medicare program sustainable for generations to come. Single payer saves over $500 billion annually on wasteful private insurance bureaucracy, enough to cover all the uninsured and to eliminate copayments and deductibles. The majority of Americans and physicians support a national health insurance program like Improved Medicare for All. Single payer eliminates the threat of medical bankruptcy, ends insurer interference in the doctor-patient relationship, and saves tens of thousands of lives and billions of dollars per year. More information, fact sheets and links on why we need #single payer are at

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