Halt the construction of the proposed Sleep Inn hotel in Summerville Park

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The operation of a hotel at the corner of Martha Berry Boulevard and Charlton Street in Rome, Georgia will significantly increase the traffic flow in the quiet neighborhood of Summerville Park.  

Moreover, it is likely that this hotel brand in this particular location will exacerbate the crime problem in our neighborhood that has been promoted by the proximity of other low-cost lodging establishments to the homes in Summerville Park.

As a result of the above concerns, we anticipate that the construction and operation of this hotel will adversely affect the values of the properties in Summerville Park.  

For all of these reasons, we passionately oppose the construction of this hotel at the entrance of our neighborhood.

The signers of this petition request that you do all within your power to halt the construction of the proposed hotel at the Charlton Street entrance of Summerville Park.