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Members of the Rhode Island General Assembly: Allow the primary seat belt law to sunset in RI

Personal safety decisions are just that, PERSONAL. Fining people for a personal decision flies in the face of basic self-determination and infringes on the ability of citizens to travel inside the state without fear of interference from law enforcement. A vast majority of individuals already use their seat belts of their own volition negating any need to keep this law.

It unfairly impacts people who are already struggling to make a living with a burdensome fine and in some cases may cause people to lose substantial parts of their income. In a state with such high unemployment and people struggling to feed their families, losing a days pay because they forgot to use a safety device is egregious. 

Law enforcement has already shown overblown zeal when enforcing this law with the "seat belt checkpoints" which created dangerous situations for drivers and law enforcement officers.

Please reject the renewal of this law in whatever form it comes to you.

This petition was delivered to:
  • Senator RI State Senate
    Joshua Miller
  • Senate Minority Leader RI Senate
    Dennis L. Algiere
  • Senate Majority Leader RI Senate
    Dominick Ruggerio
  • Senate President RI Senate
    M. Teresa Paiva Weed
  • House Speaker RI House of Representatives
    Gordon Fox
  • Representative RI House of Representatives
    Anastasia Williams
  • Minority Leader RI House of Representatives
    Brian Newberry
  • Rhode Island Governor

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