#SilenceHate: Close the court for the trial of the Christchurch Terrorist Attack

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We, the undersigned, urge you to act in whatever capacity necessary to ensure that the court is closed to media and public for the trial of the accused gunman of the March 15 terrorist attack.


The defendant, who will reportedly self-represent, may use every opportunity to make use of his platform to further his hateful agenda. Using court appearances for hateful propagation is a scenario seen before on the world stage, following the 2011 Norway massacre of 77 people. Content published online by the defendant set to stand trial also makes it clear that a public trial is what he seeks to allow him to broadcast his message of hate worldwide.

Massey University law professor Chris Gallivan has been quoted in the media as saying, "If [The defendant] self-represents, the courts probably will struggle to stop him using this as a platform."

Signing this petition means you support a closed court for the prosecution and means we stand together to fight back by denying the defendant the oxygen to continue his broadcast. The petition’s plea is not to prohibit the defendant his right to a fair trial. It is hoped however, the court will prohibit the defendant his rights to continue to inflict his extremist views on the public.

We need to stand together and silence hate.

This petition was established by a group of non-political New Zealanders.