Amending the Dog Act 1976

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Recently my dog was mauled by another dog and he passed away from his severe injuries two days later. My dog on a leash being walked by my partner and grand daughter (9)  when this happened. This dog came from no where and mauled my dog. We are devastated and would like to get changes to the Dog Act 1976 here in Western Australia. Our local member of parliament  has drafted a petition so we can get signatures but I thought I would post it on this website. As the more signatures we can get the more likely we are of getting a change. The petition reads as follows

We, undersigned , say that the Dog Act 1976 requires amendment to ensure that dogs that have seriously injuried  or killed other animals or people are NOT granted a reprieve from the penalties contained in the Act.

Irrespective of dog breed we call for the legislative change that requires the destruction of a dog that has attacked a person or another animal causing serious  physical injury requiring significant veterinary and/or medical attention.

Now we ask the Legislative Assembly to legislate for : 

stronger penalties to deter owners from disobeying the regulations , and impose harder financial penalties (including imprisonment for repeat offenders)

the removal and destruction of a dog where it has caused physical injury (and/or death) and

a compulsory education program for dog owners where an animal in their control has caused a nuisance or fear to the general public