Bring Bio-Cremation to BC!

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Bio-Cremation, also known as Eco-Cremation, Aquamation or Alkaline Hydrolysis, is a process whereby the human body is reduced to its simplest elements by using an Alkaline water mixture instead of fossil fuel. Bio-Cremation is already an accepted form of disposition in 4 Canadian Provinces (Ontario, Quebec, Saskatchewan, and newly on board, Newfoundland) and 19 U.S. states.

Many people take steps to reduce or offset their emissions during their lifetime, but most have never considered how their death can impact the planet. Bio-Cremation is a new, eco-friendly alternative to flame cremation and traditional burial. According to research, this process uses 1/10th the carbon footprint of flame-based cremation, an over 90% energy savings.

Besides using one-tenth the energy of flame cremation, Bio-Cremation produces effluent, or wastewater, that’s 100% recyclable and free of any DNA from the decedent. The effluent is completely sterile and neutralizes any chemicals, including those left by chemotherapy drugs. In turn, the effluent can then be distributed to local nurseries and seed farms, promoting the idea of a complete lifecycle.

Bio-Cremation can be performed in the same timeframe and at a similar cost, or lower, as flame cremation and it provides an eco-friendly option to those committed to the environment or who wish to honour the memory of a loved one who was devoted to a healthier planet. For some, the fact that it gently breaks down the body rather than burning it instantly makes this new flameless cremation a gentler option.

Please sign this petition to let the Members of the Legislative Assembly of British Columbia know that there is a real need and desire for this green form of disposition in our province.

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Photo Credit: Illustration by Lisa Johnston