Stop Resale of Stolen Catalytic Converter

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For so many years thieves have been targeting commercial companies, car dealership, auto repair shops and even individuals by stealing the catalytic converter in their trucks, van, and cars.   

This is an easy way for them to make money by selling it in the black market.  Who ever buys it turns around and sell it for good money.  The problem has been around for so long and the hands of law enforcement are really tied because it is hard to track where it goes and the Catalytic Converter does not have a serial numbers thus making it easy for thieves to resell it in the market.  
What is worst is when the thieves strike they would target a row of vehicles in a short span of time causing grief and financial stress to legitimate auto repair shop owners, dealers, companies and regular albertans which could cost them several hundreds to ten thousands of dollars. The purpose of this petition is to encourage our good MLA’s and the Alberta Minister of Justice to pass legislation that will create a stiff fine and jail time for the resale of stolen catalytic converter.  And to seek ways to pass legislation to require the units to have serial numbers that can be registered to a specific vehicle just like a vin number or other effective means that will help put a stop to this crime. This way, it will help lower the risk of stealing catalytic converter to resell them in the black market thus helping Albertans and businesses in this problem that has existed for a very long time.  The problem still exist and will continue to exist if our lawmakers don't do anything about it.