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Stop the Western Sydney Airport

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This petition of the Residents Against Western Sydney Airport Association,draws to the attention of the House; the proposed Western Sydney Airport as proposed by the Australian Government Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development under the Airports Act 1996 (Airports Act) (and its associated regulations) and the Airports Amendment Bill 2015 and the following real concerns of; the known health (both physical and psychological) risks to the communities living around airports and under flight paths, The adverse social impact to the communities living around airports and under flight paths, The documented risk to childhood education and leaning plus the deprivation of sleep for those living under and around airports, The social inequity between Sydney Airport and the proposed Western Sydney airport. The Western Sydney airport has no curfew nor flight sharing arrangements,  The adverse impact on the surrounding environment, flora and fauna and biodiversity, The risk to the World Heritage status of the Blue Mountains National Park, The risk to Sydney’s drinking water from ‘floating and wind disbursed’ burnt jet fuel emissions and potential fuel dumping, The potential negative impacts on indigenous heritage, The increased risks and costs from the excessive loading of road transport routes radiating from the airport region due to the mass transportation requirement for fuel, cargo and servicing needs of the airport and the transit of passengers and workers to and from the airport,  The misrepresentation on the true number 'full time equivalent' jobs. There is no net growth of jobs for Stage 1 as reported in the EIS 2015, The dubious need for an immediate construction of a second Sydney airport given that Sydney airport is not forecast to reach capacity constraints until the year 2033 (Sydney Airport’s Master Plan 2033). The proven unreliability and inadequacy of the current EIS We therefore ask the House to: accept this petition to have the proposed Western Sydney Airport permanently quashed.And we request that any new airport be considered in a different location that will not have a negative impact on the health and amenity of the 2 million people identified as living in this Western Sydney area.

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