Immediate Emergency Task Force and Forum On Cortland City School Transportation

My child was misplaced the first day of school. My nephew who i pick up who had a note to be picked up was put on a bus. We called everywhere. The bus garage told us they would have him dropped off at one school and braught back to his school by a van. After waiting 45 mins we called the bus garage and they told us to go to the bus stop and they will drop him off on the second run. Nobody was gonna be home. Thats why we were going to pick him up... So finally they told us to pick him up at the bus garage. This year is tough.. Oh did i mention the schools start and let out at the same time? So if i have 1 child in 1 school and a child in another all the way on the other side of town how can i be in two places at the same time???

Victoria Hall, Cortland, NY, United States
2 years ago
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