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Petitioning Senator Barbara Boxer and 2 others

Members of the California Senate: help STOP the unethical treatment of livestock and poultry in California!

The stipulations of our petition are outlined in the letter addressed to Senator Boxer and Feinstein. Essentially, we are requesting the reformation of the Humane Slaughter Act and Twenty-Eight Hour Law so that they are more inclusive, regulated, and humane. We are also calling to redefine the word "confinement" as applied in CAFO's (Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations) in the hopes of providing each animal a healthier environment. Ultimately, we are endorsing welfare and health of both animals and humans in the state of California with the intention of reforming legislations and setting a progressive precendent for rest of the nation.

By signing this petition you will also be sending a personalized letter (identical to the one below) to both senators. Help be a voice to the voiceless and speak out against animal cruelty.

Thank you!

Jenna Moore

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