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Demand for the resignation of the President of the BC Conservative Party.

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From both Members in good standing of the BC Conservative Party, and, Conservative supporters of good government for British Columbia.

We, the following, noting that:

- A Provincial Election is scheduled for May 7th, 2017, which is less than four months away;


a) The Board of Directors has failed, for over three months to appoint an Interim Leader for the Party following the failed Leadership Election in September of 2016;

b) The Board of Directors has failed to outline its Policies and Principles, let alone a Platform for the oncoming Provincial Election, and,

c) The Board of Directors has failed to arrange for the nomination of any Candidates to represent the Party in the forthcoming Provincial Election;

d) The position of Vice President and several Director-at-Large of the said Board are vacant because of the resignations of the elected incumbents; and

- Since the Party’s future hangs in the balance;

We the Petitioners do hereby demand that the CURRENT PRESIDENT, whose duty is to lead the Board of Directors, and those other members of the Board of Directors who support the gross inaction's listed above, immediately:

RESIGN, and, in accordance with the Party By-Laws,

New President and Members be appointed to the said Board of Directors, of quality and ability who will take action on the essential actions outlined above.

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