Say no to deceptive political advertising!

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The misconduct you ignore is the misconduct you accept ....

We are greatly dismayed by the deceptive purple and white signs in Chinese authorised and put up by the Liberal Party in several electorates in Victoria, including Chisholm, Deakin, Kooyong and Menzies, at the recent federal election.  These signs, in the same colours as the signs of the  Australian Electoral Commission, stated that the correct way to vote was to place 1 in the Liberal box.

This was a shameful attempt to mislead and exploit voters from one ethnic group by depicting Liberal Party campaign signs as official Australian Electoral Commission signs.  

We are gravely concerned that these signs have compromised the integrity of the election in each of the electorates in question.  We are also concerned that the use of such signs may have adverse impacts on our democratic process.

We are petitioning you, Members of the Australian Parliament, to review and strengthen the Australian Electoral Commission’s power to crack down on the use of deceptive and misleading election material, including material in the photograph.  We are also calling for severe penalties such as disqualification to apply to those candidates and parties found guilty of such misconduct.