Support the Widow and Amend the Succession Act Now.

Support the Widow and Amend the Succession Act Now.

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Many widows in Uganda still face an uphill battle for inheritance that commences the moment their spouses pass away. As soon as a woman becomes a widow, clan members and relatives of the deceased lay claim to most of the property and land leaving the widow with little or no property and land to survive on, impoverishing the widow and her children.

This injustice is worsened by the fact that upon the death of a spouse, a wife can only make legal claim to 15% of the land, property or houses that she together with her husband worked for, while a husband can claim to 100% of this property.

According to Section 27 of the Succession Act of the constitution of Uganda, a widow (female spouse) is generally granted only 15% of an estate upon the passing away of her spouse, while a widower (male spouse) is granted 100% of the estate when his spouse passes away.

This law is discriminatory towards women because it neglects the contributions made by a woman to the development and growth of a family estate and gives ownership of family property and land almost exclusively to the man.

Fortunately this section was rendered null and void by the constitutional court of Uganda on 5th. April.2007. However, 10 years down the road, the parliament of Uganda has not yet amended this act, leaving widows inadequately protected by the law.


What this means for the Ugandan widow;

Delay in the amendments to the succession act has left many widows grappling with inheritance related disputes due to lack of knowledge that the unconstitutional sections of the succession Act were annulled.

Exploitation of widows by unscrupulous relatives persists in Uganda today because several communities follow cultural norms in the redistribution of matrimonial property and land upon the death of a male spouse, with inadequate protection from the law.

Join us by signing this Petition as we demand our legislators in the 10th parliament of Uganda to table the amendments to the Succession Act as a matter of Urgency.