Repeal Farm Bills Now

Repeal Farm Bills Now

2 February 2021
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Honorable Members of Parliament
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Why this petition matters

Started by Free Citizen


All Members of Parliament,


Hon’ble Members,

Through this petition, we, the concerned citizens of India, would like to draw your kind attention to the unprecedented situation unfolding across this country in the form of agrarian agitation.

It needs no explanation today that why they are protesting on our streets. But It needs your attention towards a gradual shift in our value system and the direction our democracy is taking.

Farmer protests are the symptom of a larger malaise that is destroying our republic – both us and you are responsible for it. Both us and you should take responsibility to protect it.  It is our country and our motherland. We want the Farm Bills 2020 to be repealed with immediate effect. If Government wants to bring changes in the Agricultural sector, it should be with due consultation with representatives of farmers serving the interest of all stakeholders for larger success. 

With this petition, we, the concerned people of India, will humbly request you to: -

1. Raise our concerns related to farm bills inside and outside the temple of democracy and demand immediate withdrawl. The country needs you more, and we are at the crossroads of our destiny.

2. Make yourself heard loud and clear to the key stakeholders and send them the right message that everything has its threshold. Fear is our worst enemy, and people who dare create history.

3. If you feel appropriate, please join the protest, and use your social media handles to express solidarity. We will remember you for preserving the destiny of this country.

4. If things do not work out, it is better to quit. Enough is enough. Love of people is the best mandate you will always have.  

We want to build a better republic, and the mandate is for inclusive growth. We are sure humanity has not altogether eloped, and many of you are deeply disturbed with what is unfolding in our country. Irrespective of party lines, you all need to come together and pass a resolution that you are repealing such draconian laws and rollback many more previous attempts that create large-scale disruption without any real benefit.

Let us take a one-time corrective measure. Each one of you must come together. This situation warrants bringing an India-first attitude, and we are sure the vast majority of you love people and country above everything else. We believe you all will be able to do it.

We already had countless debates. The writing is on the wall. We need you now to stand with the people. In a republic, people are the power, and together we will redeem our republic.

Jai Hind, Jai Bharat

Concerned Citizens of this Country

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Signatures: 498Next Goal: 500
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