Save John Bercow, Reject The Motion To Remove Him

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Members of Parliament,

John Bercow has been one of the most divisive and liberal speakers the commons has ever seen in modern times. While we do not dispute that he has made many mistakes during his time as Speaker, we do not believe this warrants the action of the Right Honourable William Hague's motion to give the House the power to remove him.

He has strengthened the democratic process by holding ministers to account by calling them in more than the previous Speaker had for urgent questions. He has also not been afraid to challenge government ministers over their conduct in the Commons. Such actions may have indeed infuriated the government and the motion put forward to the House is to allow for the government to remove him as a result.

We believe the neutrality of the Speaker and this move by the government undermines the separation between the House of Commons and the Executive by effectively allowing the government to put out a three line whip secretly to overthrow him/her. It also interferes with the sovereignty of Parliament to govern itself.

The motion, in short, is a political move in order to weaken the House's ability to demonstrate any kind of sovereignty and we urge all MPs to reject the motion on the 26th of March 2015. Bercow as a Speaker has been positive for Parliament and for politics, passing this motion would be constitutionally and politically wrong.

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