Reject IRPA, anti-refugee amendments in Bill C-97.

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Now refugees are also facing retroactive, devastating consequences...

Many people who had been admitted to Canada, before the date of application of this ominous law, including those who had already been referred to the IRB to process their refuge request cases, and there are also cases that they already had until their hearing and their cases they were decided by a judge and accepted as refugees of the convention, they are receiving letters from IRCC, in which they are threatened with making them inadmissible to ask for protection in Canada, alleging the IRCC that their cases were "reanalyzed" for having entered after 8 April 2019 and have made a request for protection having previously requested such protection in the USA.This means a completely illegal retroactive application of said law.Let us sign this petition for annulment of this law.Together we must defend the civil rights of all equally and not let ourselves be run over by IRCC or CBSA.

Leonardo Di Leone
3 years ago