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End Bell and Rogers Price Discrimination

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The problem involves a customer's monthly bill for cable, internet or home phone--or a combination of the three. In my family's case, the bill involved all three. Rogers charged over 300 dollars per month for the three services. After a period of time, their prices for the same services changed to something closer to 200 dollars per month. Despite not being locked into a plan, Rogers continued to charge 300 dollars. A representative said that a December bill mentioned that a better deal was possible, implying that my family should have known the better deal was available. However, in this digital age, if the company actually did "...strive to be a good business for our customers..." (from their vision statement), then they would have switched our plan to the better deal or at least called us to recommend a change. Bell did a similar disservice to my family through our home phone plan years ago. I assume they continue to do so.

A consequence of their greedy policies is that customers get different prices for identical services. For example, if someone else signed up with Rogers two months ago, they would be charged less than $300 for the identical services that my family paid over $300 for. Bell and Rogers are ripping off customers by charging different customers different prices for the same products. "Price discrimination" is defined on google as "the action of selling the same product at different prices to different buyers, in order to maximize sales and profits." Such activity is illegal in Canada. In my opinion, such activity is synonymous with theft.

Bell and Rogers sidestep the law by depending on a loophole. I am guessing that they avoid legal action by informing my family on a monthly bill about a better deal. I am guessing lawyers gave Rogers the idea. Whether it is legal or not, their action is unfair--and definitely not in the interest of customers. Since legal action is difficult to achieve, I am seeking to have our Members of Parliament (in Ottawa) draft legislation to ensure that such action cannot continue. 

Please sign this petition to support legislation to end price discrimination by Bell and Rogers!

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