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Australian future needs a long-term evidence-based Bushfire action plan

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Australia and the entire world will struggle to forget the mourning felt during 2019-2020 bushfires.

Note this petition seeks fast-tracked evidence-based  action planning, executed at the right time and cadence when dealing with the bushfire reality of Australia.

  • Radical transparency and hyper-realism is the need of the hour.
  • Bushfires do not discriminate against one's political nor existential opinions. 
  • The rising population of Australia needs an action plan to manage its future in context of its bush-fire reality.
  • Escalation of mental, physical, ecological, infrastructural health costs in relation to bush-fires need some important stakeholders of the government, education and science sector as well as society to work together.

So, where does Australia stand when it comes to a bigger and worse fire emergency in our backyard every summer?

Who delivers the fiduciary responsibility, if an emergency fire-fighting truck were to be needed for every home - with water and fuel resources fast depleting?

Who does the country trust will ensure that an emergency doesn't become a status-quo every single year, claiming more and more homes, consuming more and more land, exhausting an already diminishing water supply?

An Australian would question a pandemic if it were to inflict the public (and medical community) every day or every month of every year.

So would a self-respecting Australian choose to remain numb in resignation towards fires every year ?…..We need answers and action.

Hospitals are seeing a bee line of Asthma related issues - most of them related to escalating particulate matter in the air.

Silence is NOT a response, most definitely NOT a roadmap!

Over 140 bushfires raging in the Australian summer season as at December 2019…

  1. Why does the emergency front-line crew have to live with the rising numbers of fires in the Australian forest yard - a situation which breaks both the community and the spirit of the firefighter with the exponentially rising fierceness it unleashes each year? - This question doesn't even explore a more complex state of our firefighting front-line's mental, physical and emotional health. Surely they deserve a holiday like any other citizen of the country. There is a limit to overuse of a country's very uniquely skilled and sparsely available front-line resource.
  2. Is every man and woman and child in this country one day going to train to be a firefighter because we have started to run out of options / resources to protect us?
  3. Why do the Australian public and flora fauna not have a right to life-health and safety…and why is general safety in all weathers and seasons not an active business of running a country?
  4. Would research and applied science on such a serious issue be useful to the nation's interest?

Emergency is not an appropriate word to describe what is now looking like a normal state of affairs.

We petition our government to:

  1. Investigate and publish data on loss of property, life, mental health after bush-fire season ends every year
  2. Investigate and publish the cost of rehabilitation of all national and international stakeholders involved in bush-fires 
  3. Investigate and publish research on impact of fires on the flora and fauna of the ecosystem, and recommendations for recovery after every bush-fire
  4. Investigate and continue to research on causes of large scale fires and what remedies (Modern or Indigenous knowledge) assist in reducing their repeat occurrences
  5. Provide stricter regulation and punishment on violation of fire bans and continually share guidelines on educating the youth on how to protect one's country from further catastrophes
  6. Provide a right to health-safety in light of seasonal changes; and No, installation of commercial scale water-sprinklers in forests OR large scale air-purification systems is not an option for the tax payer
  7. Provide a 20 year nation-wide roadmap to address causes and effects of large bushfires, ecological planning, human, capital and natural resource allocation, anticipatory remedies and solutions deemed during bushfires

Silence is NOT a roadmap!

Take care and stay safe Australia - use your vote well each time you queue up for elections… make it worth the time and efforts your forefathers spent fighting for your rights.

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