This is a campaign to recommend nomination of Abiy Ahmed Ali (PhD) for Nobel Peace Prize.

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Abiy for The Nobel Peace Prize

Abiy Ahmed Ali (PhD) is The Prime Minister of The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, a country that is Africa’s oldest independent country with the second largest population in the continent. It is a land of ethnic and cultural diversity and symbol of independence.

Contrary to our rich history, Ethiopia has been a land of uncertainty, distrust, and hate in the past in general and over the last 27 years in particular. It has been land of rulers and the ruled, winners and losers, the wealthy and poorest of the poor, the superiors and subordinates/inferiors, etc.

The situation got worse since November 12, 2015 when the famous #OromoProtests erupted in a small town of Ginchi of Oromia Region, west of Addis Ababa. Many feared the situation might lead to civil war and disintegration of the nation that in turn may result in chaos in the horn of Africa. In the contrary, the protests have resulted in the removal of the dictators, the looters of the country’s economy, the instigators of hate and conflicts, and state terrorists. Their removal was then followed by a dawn of hope for Ethiopia, with Abiy Ahmed (PhD) coming to lead a country hardest hit by internal conflict and artificially inflated but empty economy.

In just three months the country regained hope and started to foresee growth and development, peace and prosperity, and democracy in the corners. Ethiopians from all corners have already shown spirit of commitment to be someone who the country would count on in the efforts of change. Unity, peace and love have been preached in the country and beyond. Somalia, Djibouti, Kenya, Sudan, South Sudan, Egypt, Uganda, Rwanda, and most remarkably Eritrea have been brought onboard to discuss beyond the imaginary boundaries and become one strong community in the East and Horn of Africa.

The achievement to reconcile the two, formerly one, nations Ethiopia and Eritrea is just extra ordinary. It is evident that the infamous war between the two claimed close to 100,000 lives. The political, economic and diplomatic losses in connection to this are obvious to anyone.

The achievements are just too much for the time Abiy has been in office. The rescinding of repressive laws, the release of political prisoners, call of peace and love for political parties and individuals in exile are a few of the successes. We all know that this is just a start, but a marvelous start. Ethiopians and friends of Ethiopia are very much optimistic that we will be successful at building a country that is a welcoming home for all of us. The signs are already happening, and it is up to us to nurture them.

It is given that best achievements are recognized, that promising efforts are encouraged, and that best performers are rewarded. With that regard, we urge the Nobel Peace Prize Nomination Committee consider the African reconciler, peace maker and democratizer. And that person is Abiy Ahmed.

 Thank you

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