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Save MEC

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Mountain Equipment Co-Op (Board of Directors)

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Started by Kevin Harding

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The MEC Board of Directors has approved a deal for the Co-ops assets to be acquired by a private investor, without the permission of the MEC membership, or any kind of meaningful consultation, as reported by CBC news:

We are calling on the MEC Board of Directors to cancel the deal, and hold immediate open, fair and democratic board elections.

The move by the current MEC Board to firesale the assets of the Co-operative comes after they came under public scrutiny earlier this year around elections:

MEC is a $500 million / year business with tremendous wealth in real estate assets. Selling off the co-operative not only disenfranchises its members, but will hand over this value with little oversight or accountability.

There is also a Facebook group calling to Save MEC:

152,345 have signed. Let’s get to 200,000!