Legalisation Of Same-Sex Marriage In India

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Respected Members of the Parliament,

I am writing to you day today to address the laws regarding LGBT rights in our country. Almost two years ago on 6th September 2018, the Supreme Court of India ruled that criminalisation of sexual relations between two consenting adults no matter their gender as unconstitutional. It was a historic move, one that was celebrated widely and was praised by several. As a citizen of this country, I am proud to see it defend the rights of all without prejudice, and as elected officials, you have the power to create a historic moment for the community in India.

I believe the next step moving in the right direction would be to legalise gay marriage. As I write, there is no particular law that recognises non-heterosexual marriages or civil unions. I and several other citizens of India believe that it is something that needs to be changed. Marriage is an integral part of our society. To deny it to select members just because of their sexual orientation is not right. Equality and the celebration of diversity are the foundations of our country. We can not be truly equal if not everyone enjoys the same treatment in the eyes of the law. The marriage of a same-sex couple was granted legal recognition in Haryana, but only after a great struggle. This is also a cause very close to my heart as I know several people who want nothing more than to one day start a family. To deny them this right just because of their sexuality isn't the equality our country strives for.

So, members of the legislature, I plead you to do the right thing - regardless of your partisanship - by passing a law that recognises marriage between members of the LGBT as legal and to grant them the same rights freely enjoyed by so many others in this country. I believe no one should be condemned for wanting to be with someone they love. I hope you feel the same. If this law is passed, I can say that it would only make me prouder to be a citizen of this wonderful country.