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Release the Spreadsheets, Hosier

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Cypress Bay DECA hosts a variety of fundraisers throughout the year to supposedly benefit the chapter members. These fundraisers have ranged from selling expensive boxes of candy and promotion coupons to literally asking people to donate money to a random club they've never heard of. The demand for what this club makes us sell is extremely low; consequently, the fundraiser money DECA receives happens to be the students' parents' money. Now, this wouldn't be as big of an issue if this were maybe once or twice a year. Unfortunately, it's much more frequent, being there is one every quarter. This means that every quarter, DECA members literally buy their grade in their class.

Furthermore, we do not know where this money is going. DECA claims that the money is put towards competitions, testing, trips, etc. However, the majority of DECA members do not even participate in those activities. Being that DECA is a co-cirricular organization, meaning enrollment in a DECA class makes you a member of the club (for which you are required to pay a $40 fee), many students who could not care less about DECA are forced into paying the membership fee as well as paying for the countless fundraisers DECA throws at us. Is there an alternative to fundraising? Yes there is: a 5 page essay describing the benefits of fundraising. As flawed of a club this is, all of us are aware that they are NOT dumb enough to think students will actually choose the alternate assignment rather than just buying their grade. 

Last year, DECA introduced a new method of milking us of our money. Through a company called Snapraise, DECA requires that we send out at least 20 emails asking people to give us their money AND raise at least $10 to receive credit for this fundraiser. At the end of this fundraiser last year, DECA had raised over $50,000. Supposedly, these fundraisers go towards competitions - so why on earth did the price for states go up? Furthermore, I did not donate, and as a result, had to pay an extra $125 to attend state competitions. My partner did not donate either and was no longer considered to be appointed as a member of the Executive Council, DECA's leadership board.

We have tried to confront DECA on their mob-esque, extoritionist tactics before, only to be threatened with disciplinary action. A prime example is Carlos Perez, a member of CBHS C/O 2017. Perez made a similar petition last year and members known as DLCs (class leaders) who had signed the petition were stripped of their DLC titles. We have the right to know what our money is going without being blackmailed by the club when we demand answers. 

We give DECA all this money, yet we are given nothing in return. All we want is to know where this money goes, because as a matter of fact, many of us are convinced that this money is being pocketed by the head of the chapter, Robert Hosier. So prove us wrong, Mr. Hosier. Show us that our money is put to good use to benefit the members of this club, because all I'm getting out of this is overdraft fees and an empty wallet.

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