We Need Your Support! Census Deadline Sign-On Letter

We Need Your Support! Census Deadline Sign-On Letter

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 Dear Community, 
As you may have heard late last week there was information about a potential change in the Census Deadline from October 31st to September 30th.  The US Census Bureau has officially issued a statement stating that it “will end field data collection by September 30, 2020.” Additionally, the “self-response options will also close on that date to permit the commencement of data processing.”
Rushing the Census in the middle of a pandemic is part of an intentional plot to rig the Census to reflect a less diverse and inaccurate portrait of our communities. A rushed Census shortchanges critical operations that count people of color, American Indians, low-income people, and people experiencing homelessness. This would skew congressional representation, redistricting, and critical funding for our communities.    
The We Count LA Census Table partners have come together to draft a sign-on letter to advocate on behalf of all of our communities across LA County.  Below you will find the letter.  If your organization or your self would like to sign on by Wednesday, August 5th. 
We Count LA Census Table Partners

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We Count LA Census Table
Hon. Dianne Feinstein, United States Senate, California
Hon. Kamala Harris, United States Senate, California
Hon. Kevin McCarthy, 23rd Congressional District (Lancaster)
Hon. Mike Garcia, 25th Congressional District (Antelope Valley)
Hon. Julia Brownley, 26th Congressional District (Westlake Village)
Hon. Judy Chu, 27th Congressional District (San Gabriel Valley)
Hon. Adam Schiff, 28th Congressional District (West Hollywood/Pasadena/Echo Park)
Hon. Tony Cardenas, 29th Congressional District (San Fernando Valley)
Hon. Brad Sherman, 30th Congressional District (West San Fernando Valley)
Hon. Grace Napolitano, 32nd Congressional District (San Gabriel Valley)
Hon. Ted Lieu, 33rd Congressional District (West LA and South Bay)
Hon. Jimmy Gomez, 34th Congressional District (Los Angeles)
Hon. Norma Torres, 35th Congressional District (Pomona)
Hon. Karen R. Bass, 37th Congressional District (South Los Angeles)
Hon. Linda Sanchez, 38th Congressional District (Norwalk/Whittier/Artesia)
Hon. Gilbert Cisneros, 39th Congressional District (La Habra/Diamond Bar)
Hon. Lucille Roybal-Allard, 40th Congressional District (South East Los Angeles)
Hon. Maxine Waters, 43rd Congressional District (South Los Angeles)
Hon. Nanette Barragan, 44th Congressional District (South Los Angeles)
Hon. Alan Lowenthal, 47th Congressional District (Long Beach)

Honorable Members of Congress:

As trusted messengers continuously committed to motivating our respective communities to participate in the 2020 Census, we the undersigned collectively condemn the U.S. Census Bureau leadership’s current plan to cut short the self-response period and non-response follow up operation from October 31st to  September 30th. We implore you as elected representatives and justice seekers to hold the administration accountable to ensuring a comprehensive and complete count.
Our undeniable commitment to cultivate thriving communities has united us in unprecedented ways to ensure that we attain an accurate and complete Census count. We know first-hand what it looks like and sounds like to work in communities who need vital resources, who need direct support to overcome long-term under investment and who must be visible to ensure our democracy is healthy and inclusive. The Trump administration is actively seeking to destroy the fabric of the constitution by encouraging an under count in a time that demands full representation and advocacy.
For over two years, we have had active conversations on making sure we have data-informed, message-tailored, and highly strategic outreach plans to count our hard-to-count populations. Over these two years, we have also had to powerfully and quickly fight back and defend against heinous attacks that intentionally seek to push our communities into hiding, keep them drained from essential resources, and diminished accurate political representation. The threat of California losing Congressional seats has loomed over the Census since the beginning, and the
institutional roadblocks such as the citizenship question, lack of leadership stability,
underfunding of operations, and intentional attempts at excluding immigrants have further placed our communities' future in peril.
As constituents in your communities, we are intimately aware about the stakes and risks of an undercount in the 2020 Census and the racial, economic, political, and social impacts this will have for generations to come. We have pushed for Census participation in our communities’ outreach despite the powerful impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the reduced capacity and efficiency of the U.S. Census Bureau call centers and how communities experienced technical challenges to be counted. Yet, we have leveraged the limited resources we have had to carry out this critical work. As we near the end of this census count, these unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.
This current attempt to move up the end data from October 31st to September 30th is part of an array of tactics that reveal how fearful the administration is of our authentic and rightful power.
We empower you to stand with our Black, Indigenous, Latinx, LGBTQ, Immigrant, and diverse communities and continue to push back against this administration’s vile attempts to distort, scare, and traumatize our communities. We recognize these attempts at altering census operations as a direct attack against the efforts to count our communities and erase our people from history.
We the undersigned implore you to:
1) Hold the U.S. Census Bureau accountable to their extended timeline of October 31, 2020 to ensure a thorough and accurate count;
2) Support the U.S. Census Bureau request for statutory relief for an additional 120 days to deliver the apportionment count in response to the COVID-19 pandemic; and
3) Demand transparency and direct communication from the U.S. Census Bureau
regarding the remainder of Census operations.

As our elected leaders in Washington and beyond, we stand with you to speak out on the right side of history, hold the U.S. Census Bureau accountable to their operations and constitutional duty, and take a righteous stand for all our diverse communities in Los Angeles County and beyond.

In solidarity,
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