Stop Attacks, Insults and Division in NDCUSA -Stop Trying to remove elected Executives

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In the aftermath of the NDCUSA”s Worcester Conference members of some branches made claims that the elections had not been fair, These members went ahead to separate their branches which were NDCUSA branches from the chapter which is the legitimate and legal representative of NDC Ghana. The branches which  were part of this action were Ohio, Illinois, Florida, Atlanta and Virginia branches. They formed a parallel organization called the coalition of NDCUSA branches -all these actions are against laid down party regulations. It is alleged that they have in recent times tried to enlarge the organization by getting members in new states such as Kentucky and North Carolina to join their organization In an attempt to bring its members into its fold NDCUSA agreed to talks with representatives of these branches and as part of the talks they  agreed that a committee known as the 9 member committee be created to organize elections for all NDCUSA members. To prevent claims of unfairness all members in USA are each to have a single vote. This committee does not and cannot somehow replace the leadership of NDCUSA.

However, problems emerged with the work of the 9 member committee. It’s chairman refused to make membership cards available to some branches, he was accused of regarding himself above NDCUSA Executive Committee or its bylaws and refused to make himself available to the committee. In addition the nine member committee didnot forward changes to the NDCUSA bylaws to its membership and/leadership. 

  Branches were not verified, a clear process for branch verification was not communicated to membership the 9 member committee seemed to have only one goal -which was how quickly some of its membership could get to become NDC USA executives. A clear electoral  process was not communicated -no regulations for campaigning -no criteria for qualifying for the elections - no vetting process. A free for all ensued before the Atlanta conference which caused NDCUSA”s Executive Committtee to call for a hold to the elections till rules and regulations have been followed. Currently some of these people are calling for the removal of NDC USA”s Executive Committee, this is a counter petition asking all members to petition NDC Ghana to do the right and allow the Constitution of NDC, the bylaws of NDC USA and common sense to prevail. If you want to be a coalition member no problem be a coalition member but leave NDCUSA leadership alone organize a free and fair elections. The member committte does not exist because NDCUSA representative are not party to its decisions so leave the party structures which have  been used for more than 20 years to survive. 

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