Bring Mike back to Classless Act

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This is to the members of Classless Act to consider bringing Mikey back to the band. He was an amazing fit, you had an awesome vibe with him and the fans absolutely loved him. You’re supposed to play a few shows in the upcoming months. It took you ages to find a singer, do you really think you’re gonna find someone better than Mike? I will answer this for you - no. It’s impossible to find a good singer in a week. Do you really want Chris’ decision to impact the future of your band? Do you want the show to be a disappointment to the fans? Some people are going to travel just to see you play, they bought tickets to see the line-up that was including Mike. That’s just so unfair. Don’t let Chris decide about everything, it’s your band, you are the members, not him.

Don’t let him decide about who stays or who writes the songs. He’s just a manager and managers don’t have the right to do this. Please consider bringing Mikey back or at least think about what I said. I love you guys with all my heart and I only want the best for this band, so that’s why I am doing this. Mike was the best thing that could possibly happen to you, he helped you so much and this is not what he deserves. You’re screwed without him. Don’t let Chris tear the band apart.

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