Family Law Reform

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We are petitioning our members of parliament to call into action a Family Law Reform, we are asking for changes in the way the family law system imposes judgement based on here say information with no facts to base their theory.

In Ontario, the family law system is a very biased system where a person is guilty until proven innocent and CPS workers are allowed to lie and fabricate information in order to keep a child in care and away from loving parents and extended family members.

Children are caught in the cross fire of family disputes and used as pawns and weapons in order for a person to remain in control of their situation.  

CPS are forcing adoption of children where there is a loving biological family member willing to take the child in, we are asking that Grandparents be considered as first option if a parent is unable to fulfill their duties and roles as a caregiver.

There is a pandemic spiraling out of control across the nation called Parental Alienation or PA. Parental Alienation is what is commonly referred to as kidnapping a child’s mind it is the obstruction of family bonds between a child and a parent where another parent or a third party brainwashes a child into hating their parent whom is referred to as the target parent. If alienation is detected in its earliest stages and can be treated accurately and effectively it is possible for the damaging effects to be reversed. In the most severe cases the damage to the child is irreversible and the bond between the parent and child may be destroyed indefinitely.

Parental alienation is classified as severe child abuse by the National Psychological Association and the damage done to a child in this situation can have lasting and permanent effects. Children become involved in drugs, depressed leading to suicide, angry and abusive, breaking the law and fear of abandonment. We are asking that a child who may age out of the system still be entitled to mental health resources and adequate treatment by court order to effectively manage and treat what is now referred to as permanent psychological damage of the mind which has known diagnoses of Parental Alienation Syndrome.

Parental Alienation is a generational problem, and continues on to Grandparents as well as extended families. Relationships between grandparents and grandchildren are extremely important for the development and stability of a child’s upbringing, Grandparent alienation is severe elder abuse and bullying. Much like an adopted child these children will believe and understand that family members are disposable and will continue with the fear of abandonment as they are lead to believe they were abandoned by their grandparents. These family bonds again are obstructed by the parents, the family law system and CPS.

Alienation can happen to anyone and by anyone, an adult whom alienates a child will be diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder as well as narcissistic behavioural traits, without treatment these problems will persist and be passed on to each new generation.  

In December of 2015 bill 34 in the Children’s Law Reform came into effect which states that a grandparent has the right to petition the court for access to their grandchild although there have not been any success since the law came into effect, we are asking for all laws be changed to compare with the Quebec Family Law Reform which states that no grandparent will be denied access to their grandchild without grave reason to do so.

    We ask that children’s right be respected and if they voice their opinion in their own family matters that it to be respected and considered.

    One in five people will be diagnosed with a mental illness in their life time without the effects of parental alienation and grandparent alienation, for family members affected by alienation it is forced mental illnesses for unnecessary means of control. The target parent will develop depression, suicidal thoughts, post traumatic stress syndrome, fear of abandonment and low self esteem.

    A recent study was done citing alienation as a probable cause of suicide with a death rate of 23 people per a radius of 1081 people per year this is a staggering number and cannot be allowed to continue. We ask that Parental and Grandparent Alienation be included in the law and be punishable as child abuse within the law just as any other domestic violence crime is.  

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